How Much Do Filipinos Working Abroad Actually Make? Here's An Idea

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Want to earn up to P81,000 per month?

No, this isn’t an investment scam. That’s the average monthly salary of sea-based ship engineers in the U.S. with at least five years of experience. It emerged as the highest salary figure in the 2018 Jobs and Salary Report, the job-seeking platform’s annual study on trends in the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) hiring space.

“In the U.S., there is a high demand for sea-based workers,” wrote in the report. “Sea-based engineering-related professionals are the highest paid.”

True enough, sea-based professions in the U.S. have among the highest salaries in’s platform. Bosuns (managers in charge of a ship’s equipment and crew) earn around P77,000 per month, while ship officers have a monthly salary of P76,000.

Professionals in the food industry will also have more opportunities to find work in the U.S. compared to other big OFW markets, with chefs with over five years of experience earning P78,000 each month. Cooks can earn as much as P64,000 monthly, while waiters can earn P53,000 per month as well.


The U.S. was the third largest country in terms of job ads on the platform. In 2018, the number of ads from the country increased by 81% compared to the year prior.

Highest OFW salaries in the Middle East

The demand is slightly different in Middle Eastern countries, which still has the largest demand for Filipino workers on a regional level. In this region, many of the highest-paying and most in-demand jobs for OFWs were related to the healthcare industry.

Dentists took the top spot with a monthly salary of P70,000, with doctors of other fields not far behind with a monthly pay of P68,000. The need for dentists in the Middle East is particularly high as both dental technicians and dental assistants also make around P65,000 per month. Note that all these figures are for professionals with at least five years of experience.

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Aside from healthcare professionals, Filipinos in the engineering and architecture fields are also taking home big salaries in the Middle East. Engineers with over five years of experience can make P65,000 per month, while experienced architects and interior designers can earn P58,000 and P56,000 each month respectively.

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Of the 10 countries with the largest number of job ads on in 2018, six are in the Middle East. Topping that list is Saudi Arabia, which accounted for 46% of all job listings in the platform for the first 10 months of 2018.

Highest OFW salaries in Asia-Pacific

The other three countries in’s 10 largest markets were our neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region. These include Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia.

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In these countries, two jobs with over five years of experience take the throne for the highest monthly salaries: department managers and teachers. Not far behind are experienced professionals in the information technology (I.T.) sector, with programmers and I.T.-related managers earning P61,000 per month. pooled this data from its listings in the first 10 months of 2018. All in all, it saw over 137,000 job ads posted on the platform.

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