Insurance Company Goes Paperless, Saves Everybody's Time and Money

Philam Life has removed all the red tape, thanks to a state-of-the-art iPad-based system.

Insurance—everyone needs it, but nobody really likes it. In all honesty, the process of getting is notorious for being tedious and paperwork-heavy. Not to mention the fact that many Filipinos are turned off by the very, very determined insurance agents stationed around malls.

But in all seriousness, life insurance is a necessity for families, particularly in hard economic times. It’s a safety net for citizens looking to ensure their family’s financial security and reach their financial goals. However, a lot of things stand in the way of Filipinos achieving financial security: namely, lack of life insurance and lack of financial literacy. According to the Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc, only 46 percent of Filipinos is estimated to be covered by life insurance.


This is where Philam Life Insurance is moving to disrupt the traditional insurance industry as they’ve taken the steps to simplify their insurance system by digitalizing it all together. Philam’s new all-digital platform provides its customers a convenient, end-to-end experience that simplifies the complicated insurance process that all citizens should be privy to. It has removed all the red tape, thanks to a state-of-the-art iPad-based system. Customers can now fill out and submit all their requirements digitally, in one sitting. There’s no longer a need to rush to a computer shop to print all your documents, and no need to schedule countless meetings just to set up an insurance plan. Documents can be uploaded or emailed on the spot, and an e-signature, e-receipt, and e-contract are just as legitimate as hard copy counterparts.


It’s a new era for insurance, and it’s one that could increase the insurance penetration in the Philippines with its new brand of democratized accessibility.


Philam’s new platform comes with its own self-help financial calculator and an interactive point of sale (iPoS) system, which they claim is the only fully functional digital end to end selling took in the local life insurance industry. iServe, the company’s digital customer service platform, lets customers and advisors deal with concerns and questions without having to go to and line up at a busy customer service center. The 24/7 ePlan portal lets customers practice a level of self-sufficiency and independence as it allows them to access their details and perform their transactions online without anyone’s assistance.

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“By putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, we were able to understand their pain points and we developed our digital tools to address their concerns,” said Gigi Pio de Rosa, Philam Life’s Chief Operations Officer.

On the business side, the shift from paper to digital has saved the company more than P100 million in printing and courier bills.

The convenience of the new platform also plays into another goal of Philam: To provide life insurance to those who live paycheck to paycheck. According to Kelvin Ang, CEO of Philam Life, it is this group of people who need life insurance the most, and the newly launched digital platform is a step towards providing them an accessible and affordable platform.

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