Rainy Days Are Great For Your Productivity, Says Study


We've written about how the summer heat can make you lazy and unproductive, so it would only make sense that rainy days have the opposite effect.

According to a study by researchers from Harvard Business School, worker productivity is higher on "bad weather" days compared to good weather days. Apparently, bad weather like rainy days reduce "potential for cognitive distractions" and encourage workers to focus all of their attention on work, thus increasing productivity.

"Making outside options salient in people’s minds alone could impair their ability to concentrate," said the HBS researchers.

Without the distraction of the summer heat or dreams of relaxing by a poolside, it makes sense that rainy days or "sweater weather" will encourage us to keep our attention indoors focused on the work in front of us. And in this severe Philippine heat, rainy days are a welcome change from the blistering summer that's making us sweat at our keyboards.


There's not much we can do to control the weather, but you can take advantage of rainy days by completing all your to-do tasks, and then some. With the rainy season upon us, hopefully this means the end of the sweltering summer heat, a decrease in your aircon electricity bill, and a spike in producitivity.

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