Shakey's Is Already 100% Plastic Neutral. Now It Wants to Be Certified By a Third Party

The pizza chain is stepping up its anti-plastic initiative.
IMAGE Shakey's

Shakey’s celebrated one year of being plastic-neutral earlier this year. To be plastic neutral essentially means that it is able to recover and remove as much plastic waste from the environment as it uses. It does this primarily through recycling or waste management efforts.


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Now, the listed company is stepping up its anti-plastic efforts by signing an agreement with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx), a non-profit organization that helps businesses offset their plastic footprint, to certify its plastic neutrality. Shakey’s says it is the first food service company in the Philippines to pursue this type of third party verification for a plastic offsetting initiative.

Through its network of partners that recover, process, and recycle plastic waste, PCEx is a third party company that independently audits and verifies the businesses’ plastic footprints and their corresponding offsets following a set of global standards for plastic neutrality.

In 2019, Shakey’s initiated a campaign to be fully “plastic neutral” by 2020, which it was able to achieve.

The unfetterd use of plastic has become a crisis of global proportions. The volume of plastic entering the ocean could nearly triple to 29 million metric tons per year by 2040, acording to a study by The Pew Charitable Trusts. After China and Indonesia, the Philippines ranks as the world’s third biggest polluter, with 2.7 million metric tonnes of plastic waste generated each year.


Shakey’s said it is doing its part by prohibiting the use of plastic cups and straws in its workplace. It also encourages its customers not to use plastic through an “Opt Out” tick box in its online delivery platforms.

The company’s remaining plastic usage is then offset by recovering and recycling an equivalent amount of plastic.

“We are grateful to be partnering with PCEx and are proud to be the first chain restaurant brand in the Philippines to begin offsetting our plastic usage in 2019,” Vicente L. Gregorio, President and CEO of Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. "This is another stepping stone towards our vision of becoming a more responsible food company. In spite of the more challenging business environment, we remain committed to integrating sustainability in the way we run our business and will continue in this direction for the betterment of our company and all its stakeholders.”


Here's How Much You Can Save By Using Eco-Friendly Products for a Year

Apparently, Men Who Care About the Environment Are More Attractive to Women

"We are encouraged by companies such as Shakey's Pizza that are making long-term commitments to reduce and offset their plastic usage," said Oliver C. Sicam, Marketing and Strategy Director at PCEx. "With support from such business leaders, Plastic Credit Exchange has diverted more than six million kilograms of plastic waste from the environment and is making environmental protection real and sustainable."

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