The Most In-Demand Jobs That Let You Work From Anywhere

Work-from-home is so 2020. 

There’s a new trendy work model, and it’s even more flexible than working from home. Introducing “work-from-anywhere,” a new buzzword for lucky employees who get to work from any country or location. Despite how flexible WFH situations might some, most will still require you to live in a certain region or country, sometimes in case of emergency in-person meetings, or other times because of conflicting time zones.

Work-from-anywhere is the opposite of that, allowing workers to work, quite literally, from anywhere. According to FlexJobs and CNBC, it promises 100 percent flexibility, allowing workers from different countries and time zones to work for a company. If you’re working from home for a U.S. company, you might already be adopting this framework without even knowing it.

Who wouldn’t want to work somewhere that requires zero office time and no location requirements? If that’s up your alley, FlexJobs has narrowed down the top eight most in-demand work-from-anywhere jobs online.

  1. Copywriter
  2. Executive Assistant
  3. Front-End Developer
  4. Marketing Manager
  5. Product Manager
  6. Recruiter
  7. Social Media Manager
  8. Web Designer

Work-from-anywhere jobs are also in demand from the workforce side as well. According to a Lonely Planet survey, 54 percent of 1,400 global respondents consider themselves “anywhere workers.” Governments have also picked up on the trend as more countries, mainly in Europe, are offering remote work visas. 

According to FlexJobs, the industries that are hiring for the most “anywhere” jobs are marketing, IT, writing and editing, project management, and HR. Some of the top companies include, unsurprisingly, Airbnb, Wikimedia Foundation, Protocol Labs, and more. 

Sounds like these companies won’t mind if you’re working from home, the beach, or beyond. And we're sure the pay doesn't hurt either.

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