This Kapitolyo Spot Brings a Cool Surfing Vibe to Your Workspace

Welcome to STKD Zeppelin, a funky events and co-working space by the guys behind Stoked Inc. Philippines, 8990 Holdings, and La Union’s Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel.

Set at the heart of the buzzing Kapitolyo scene is the STKD Zeppelin, a funky, new events-slash-co-working space brought to us by the guys behind Stoked Inc. Philippines, 8990 Holdings, and La Union’s Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel.

“STKD Zeppelin is a welcome component in the evolution of the STOKED Brand [as] a lifestyle concept company,” co-owner JV Borromeo says. “We are taking our love of adventure and invention and putting it in a physical work space reflective of the culture that we embody and the lifestyle that we share.”


The owners are quick to add that the Zeppelin goes beyond what is seen on the surface. “We are not merely peddling seats and cubicles. We are co-working community ourselves,” JV says. “As a group, we conceptualize, design, incubate, build, and actualize [ideas for our brands]: from surf lifestyle clothing, surfmoto cafe racers, hostels, art collections, and fast-build community developments. We are creating things ourselves.”

“When you walk in, you, too, would want to build and create,” co-owner Joncy Sumulong continues. “[Our patrons] will also be interacting with our designers, people doing actual craft building with their hands. We like to live by example. [Clients can be firsthand witnesses of] us building dreams ourselves.”

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The overall theme of the Zeppelin is industrial, vibrant, and functional. “We wanted to create a space that ignites imagination and encourages creativity,” Joncy says of the Zeppelin, which they’ve adorned with touches of grand airships, belles, and whistles, a play of elements to represent what it hopes to be: a place to launch ideas and dreams. “We populated it with small nooks and crannies for all sorts of moods and mindsets. Our pantry is reminiscent of a Parisian Café. Another area recalls a homey writer's barn in Maine, and yet another corner is a quite cove in an old library.”

The 300 sqm Zeppelin has two conference rooms and a co-working space that can fit 90 seats comfortably. Introductory rates start at P500 for a full-day pass, P300 for a half day pass, and P7,000 for a monthly plan. The conference rooms, the Green Room and the Gallery Room, are conducive for client and team meetings and planning sessions.


Unlimited coffee, high-speed Internet, and communal use of the pantry, restrooms, and lounge areas, are some of the inclusions of the Zeppelin experience. Then a café named the Caferista and a STOKED boutique share in the retail space. Co-working hours are set from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays, while evenings and weekends are allotted for special events.

The folks behind the Zeppelin had originally envisioned a space that connects with the Millennial generation. “We see millennials as an adventure-seeking generation, full of life and energy,” Joncy explains. “They are creative and constantly challenging social norms.” This is what the Zeppelin is ultimately about.


“We have been pioneers in numerous industries ourselves—from surfing to community development to hostels—and have been successful in being embraced by millennials and Generation Z,” Joncy says. “It remains a challenge to introduce [the idea of] co-working, which is a fairly new concept in the local culture, to these new generations of budding entrepreneurs and independent professionals. Our other challenge is to promote Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig, as a new business district contender, given that it's mainly known as a residential community and foodie destination.”

In the coming months, expect a string of workshops and seminars by the Zeppelin team, avenues where one can collaborate on ideas. “The essence of co-working is to have a community of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds, generate creative ideas that will drive value creation for the society,” JV says. “While others built chairs and cubicles, we built our friends a grand airship, so their ideas can soar.”


STKD Zeppelin is at 11 Brixton Street, Barangay Kapitolyo; [email protected]; (02) 356-5162.

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