Planning Your Next Career Move? Here's What's In-Demand in the Job Market

LinkedIn reveals the country's top emerging jobs.
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Are you thinking about the next step in your career path? Want a change of pace professionally? Or are you curious about what’s in demand in the current job market?

LinkedIn has the answers. It recently released a report detailing the fastest growing jobs in the country. After analyzing the job titles of millions of Filipino LinkedIn users in the past five years, the social media platform has made a list of five emerging jobs that were most frequently added to LinkedIn. With the inevitability of digital transformation across all industries, it’s no surprise that all of these emerging jobs require technological skills.

“The emerging jobs we are seeing in the Philippines are a pertinent reminder that jobs that sounded obscure yesterday are suddenly commonplace today,” wrote LinkedIn in its report. “As technology rockets forward so goes the job market, although often in ways we might not expect.”

Here are the top five emerging jobs in the Philippines, according to LinkedIn:

Data, Data, Data

With more and more companies relying on big data nowadays, either as the foundation of their business or as a revenue stream in itself, it’s no surprise that data scientists topped the list of the country’s emerging jobs. More and more companies are needing specialists who can mine their data and turn them into profitable insights.

“Today, business is driven by data. Whether it’s financial insights or understanding customer behavior, people who can make sense of the enormous quantity of data being generated by modern organizations are in high demand,” wrote LinkedIn.


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Digital Creators

Three of the other four emerging jobs all have to do with the development of digital platforms. Application development analysts are tasked to create, test, and troubleshoot web applications, while back-end developers take care of what goes on behind the scenes in platforms, such as coding and databases.

Full stack engineers, which came fourth on the list, possess back-end as well as front-end development skills, leading LinkedIn to call them “the Swiss army knives of tech talent.” All three of these emerging jobs highlight the growing need of many companies to digitize how they deliver their products and services.

“The Philippines is embarking on a huge digitalization push,” said LinkedIn. “Whether it is in banking or infrastructure monitoring, the nation is embracing our increasingly tech-based, online world.”

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Everything Is Sales

Completing LinkedIn’s list is the sales development representative. Easily the odd one out of the five, the report said that this job caters especially to the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, where the threat of automation is pushing companies to upskill their employees.

“Sales development representatives help BPOs unlock and accelerate the benefits of automation,” wrote LinkedIn. “While AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning can run bots to respond to day-to-day queries, they can’t replace the human qualities of sales professionals who interact with customers and understand their needs.”

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