8 Ergonomic (and Aesthetic) Ways to Vastly Improve Your Work-From-Home Setup

Suck at money? Congrats. You’re part of the 99 percent of people in their 20s floundering when it comes to finance. Adulting is hard, and money is harder—especially when it’s your own and not your parents. My Two Cents is here to break down everything you need to know about finance, business, and entrepreneurship. We’ll tackle all the basics, from how to get a business permit to how to invest in stocks, to educate the fledgling adults on how to not go broke.

Welcome to the idiot’s guide to money. Lesson No. 32: finding the best ergonomic (and aesthetic) products to improve your work-from-home setup.

It’s been five months since we entered quarantine, and we’re still far from going back to normal, or the new normal, or whatever they want to call the crazy reality that is 2020. So it looks like the work-from-home setup is going to be here for a while.

Your environment is essential to your productivity, so it might be time to invest in a little home (or home office) improvement. Is that old wooden chair doing a number on your back? Is your ancient keyboard making your wrists sore?

Here are eight essential items that will give your work-from-home setup an ergonomic and, of course, aesthetic upgrade.

1| L-Shaped Desk


Your desk is the center of your dedicated work station, and a quality work table will do wonders for your productivity. Finding the best desk depends on the space, budget, and personal preference, but one type of desk we highly recommend is an L-shaped desk. It’s big enough to handle a PC, laptop, notebooks, printer, and then some.

2| Luxury Chair

The chair is everything. Sitting on a Monoblock for 12 hours a day might just give you scoliosis, so give yourself a break and invest in one very comfy and very luxurious wheely chair. It might hurt your wallet, but at least it won’t hurt your back.

3| Wide Monitor

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The power of a big monitor is underrated. Even if it isn’t hooked up to a PC and just an extension of your laptop screen, having a wide view of all your tasks and windows can make you feel as if you’re on top of the situation. 

4| Sleek Keyboard

We can’t be the only ones obsessed with the sounds of keyboards. The tip-tapping of the keys can make you feel more productive than you really are, and the motivational boost is worth it. But not all keyboards need to be big and bulky to achieve that satisfying travel distance and sound. The key is to find something sleek that doesn’t ruin your office setup.

5| Soft Light


Bad lighting can make your headache worse, and you don’t need that to happen if you’re already sitting in front of a computer screen half the day. Soft light is the answer to your troubles. It's bright enough to do the job, but not strong enough to glare into your eyes when you’re feeling drowsy.

6| Docking station

Too many wires and plugs all over the place can affect your focus and therefore your productivity. Clean up your connectivity with a simple docking station that does the job of getting rid of clutter.

7| Wireless Earbuds

Wires are a thing of the past. Invest in wireless earbuds that will make life infinitely easier. There’s a longstanding debate about the practicality of earbuds if you use them outside, but if you plan to keep them at home, there’s no debate: Wireless earbuds trump everything else.

8| Water bottle

Keep a bottle nearby to stay hydrated if you’re in the zone. A sleek, simple bottle with a no-fuss design can’t fail you.

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