Working In the Insurance Industry Can Be Rewarding-One Man Speaks Out

A former BPO exec shares his life-changing experience.
Working In the Insurance Industry Can Be Rewarding-One Man Speaks Out

The idea of getting a call from—or running into—insurance agents used to be a mild cause for alarm, and the immediate response of most people would be to avoid them. These days, however, the image of insurance agents is slowly morphing into that of a young professional with knowledge that can help people make the most out of their hard-earned money.

“There is now so much more to a professional career in life insurance than it did years ago,” shares Gray Ramirez, a Financial Advisor of Genesis by Philam Life. “The rewards, benefits, and opportunities that open up are comparable to some of the best career tracks commonly found in other industries,” he added.

Gray worked as an executive in the BPO industry for 15 years. Working irregular hours for so long eventually took its toll on his health, as well as his personal life. During one of his policy reviews with his financial advisor, the idea of becoming a financial advisor himself occurred to Gray, who was then a 10-year policyholder.

Gray joined Philam Life in late 2016. “It’s been life-changing. I now manage my own time. My wife even says I look healthier and happier. I get to spend more time with her, and other people who matter.”

Becoming a financial advisor not only revived his personal life; it gave Gray a career boost as well. Within a year into his new job, he qualified as a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), an elite group of the best-performing financial advisors in the world, and has reaped rewards such as exclusive travel privileges and industry conventions.

“Genesis is all about providing our Elite Advisors with holistic support as they transition to their new careers. From capital support, cutting-edge sales tools and technology, and a comprehensive development platform, these ensure that we are able to breed the Advisors of Choice. We give the best support for the best talent. Genesis is Philam Life’s flagship strategy in growing its pool of Elite Advisors aimed to reinvent the Financial Advisor practice,” says Stephen Segismundo, Philam Life’s Agency Strategy Office Head.

As Gray explains it, at Genesis, the priority for financial advisors is not to sell, but to educate. “That’s what differentiates Genesis from the rest. When I sit down with my clients, it is about goal-setting, so we understand what they need. Based on that need, that’s when we provide financial solutions to help address their needs. Normally people would think—and I had the same inkling before—that advisors try to sell you something first before understanding what you really need. That’s the stigma, that’s why people reject the idea of talking to an advisor. And that’s what we are trying to change.”

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