This Webinar Series by Lark Will Help SMEs Build Their Businesses in the New Normal

It is based on comprehensive studies on how companies succeeded during the pandemic.

As we draw closer to the end of 2020, we realize more that the future of work might never be the same again. One app wants to help SMEs in the Philippines conquer the new normal through a series of webinars designed to help businesses adapt to digital transformation brought about by the pandemic.

Lark is a simple all-in-one productivity suite built to handle every business need. Mindful of the economic changes brought by COVID-19, the company has arranged an initiative called Lark Your Way to Success, a webinar series designed to give managers and executives valuable insights to building their business and excel in the new normal.

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Lark studied companies that succeeded and failed during the pandemic and identified key elements to their successes and failures. In summary, the Lark webinars will answer three important questions: What was working? What wasn't working? And how do businesses get mobility for the future?


According to Lark, even before the pandemic, 90 percent of the companies surveyed admitted that their business models needed to change but required some form of digitalization. Companies that succeeded during this pandemic period were most agile in adopting new technologies and methodologies such as robust digital collaboration tools and planning for business continuity.

Track 1: Adapting to the New Ways of Work

The first webinar series is titled “Adapting to the New Ways of Work.” It will provide insights on how to adopt new technology, create a new mindset, and exercise patience. It will be streamed on November 10 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

One of the solutions seen by companies is transitioning to remote work. Although this is recognized as a necessary move, not all SMEs are able to implement it.

Studies have shown that workers who were given a choice to work remotely scored an average of 25 percent higher when it comes to openness to feedback. Also, employees who worked remotely scored 27 percent higher in terms of their satisfaction with their career progression.

Remote work is not as easy as hopping on a video conference and submitting works through email. Lark wants to help SMEs navigate this essential new frontier for work. 

Track 2: Evolving for the Future

The second webinar series by Lark is about business continuity or how to stay alive despite challenging times. This second series in the Lark webinars is titled “Evolving for the Future” and will be held on November 24 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Business consultant and columnist Francis Kong will be one of the speakers for this episode. 

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Lark Philippines head of communications Cat Avelino and content creator Camille Co will also share their valuable insights on how SMEs can adapt to the new normal. 

Among the highlights of this webinar is how business leaders can inspire their employees and increase profit and productivity through  awareness, vulnerability, empathy, and compassion. With these four qualities, business leaders will be able to show that they care for the people in crisis and set the stage for business recovery. 

While profit and productivity are incredibly important measuring tools of success of any organizations and its people, during times like this, there is a need to look further ahead rather than take a myopic point of view. 

Track 3: Innovating with Technology

The last webinar series titled “Innovating with Technology” will feature key opinion leader James Deakin who will talk about how SMEs can use specific technology to build their businesses. Also in the lineup of speakers are digital entrepreneur Carlo Ople and regional Lark product specialist Andeed Ma

In adapting to technology, SMEs should not see technology as a hassle to overcome, but rather, they should it as a new weapon in their business operations.

According to Lark, companies who succeeded amid the pandemic were able to break down business goals into achievable parts, and finding the best technology to gain a competitive edge and implement it across the business quickly is key to their success. 

To participate in the webinar series Lark Your Way to Successregister here.

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