Chris Evans, aka Captain Freaking America, Is Smart's Newest Ambassador

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Sorry for the language, Cap. But this is worthy of profanity.

Smart has just unveiled the identity of its latest ambassador, and we’d know that silhouette anywhere. We’ve seen it in enough replays of Avengers: Endgame to have it memorized by heart. None other than Chris Evans, best known for his iconic role as Captain America in the MCU, is Smart’s newest ambassador for its "Live Smarter for a Better World" 2021 campaign.

After BTS joined forces with Smart, it looks like an Avenger will be the next face of Smart that will bring the telco’s reach to, well, the rest of the galaxy.

The last time many saw Evans was when he departed into the past after the events of Endgame, or in a decidedly cozy-looking knit sweater in Knives Out. Never would we imagine that the next time Filipinos would see him in action would be... in a Filipino commercial.

Chris Evans appears in Smart’s latest two-minute commercial directed by the internationally acclaimed Pascal Heiduk, a German-born director who has worked with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Lewis Hamilton, and now, Evans.

Sadly, Dodger doesn't make an appearance, but we can settle for Cap.

What is Smart's Campaign and Why Are There So Many Famous People?

Smart Communications' "Live Smarter for a Better World" campaign has caught national attention, particularly that of fandoms, courtesy of the high-profile ambassadors it's managed to tie to its projects.

Aside from providing unparalleled entertainment value to viewers with simple two-minute clips of their favorite celebrities, the campaign aims to inspire Filipinos to create a lasting, positive impact on society like the personalities they so admire.


“There’s nothing like the current challenges the world is facing to make us all realize that we are all interconnected, and that our personal actions have broader impact. Through our ‘Live Smarter for a Better World’ initiative, it is our aim to create that spark in everyone to help change the world for the better rather than just settling for ‘good,’” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, Smart Communications’ president and CEO.

The common denominator among Smart's famous ambassadors is not their A-list status, but the way they've used their celebrity power to focus on important issues. BTS has spoken at the UN regarding youth empowerment and has donated millions in support of young victims of violence.

Meanwhile, since hanging up Cap's helmet, Evans has been running A Starting Point, a platform that aims to educate Americans on U.S. politics in a way that's not tainted by bias or sensationalism.

Check out Chris Evans' commercial and catch him utter one memorable line in Filipino: "Sim-ple, SMART ako."

Photo by Smart Communications.
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