(Unfiltered) Tips on How to Make a Great Podcast, From the Top Filipino Business Podcaster

“You have to know your shit.”

Not everyone can be a podcaster—It’s a craft, not a hobby. You have to have some semblance of wit and intelligence to get your foot in the door, and even that isn’t enough all the time. Podcasts are perhaps the most intelligent yet underrated form of media. You can’t get by with just looks and a selfie stick—This job requires a keen eye and a smart voice.

Given our carmaggedon, the Philippines is perhaps one of the best locations in Southeast Asia to start a podcast. Plus, Filipinos are perhaps the best storytellers out there.

If you can get the ball rolling, podcasting could be a lucrative side hustle. We talked to Ron Baetiong, CEO and founder of Podcast Network Asia, about the elements of a great podcast, and this is what the top Filipino business podcaster had to say.

First, you’ve got to understand that “The intent [of podcasts] is very different. You listen to learn,” said Baetiong. “It’s mostly long-form. It’s usually 30 minutes to one hour… You have to make sense within the first five minutes. If not, [the audience] is not wasting [its] time on you.”

Here’s the podcast master’s (unfiltered) tips on how to make a great podcast in the Philippines and beyond:

1| Don’t sound like you’re in the bathroom

“You have to sound great. If you sound like shit, then sorry man. If you sound like you’re in the bathroom or if you sound like you’re underground, [then] that’s not going to work.”


2| Know your shit

“You have to deliver your words and you have to know what the hell you’re saying. You can’t just say, “Hi, I’m here at a café or whatever”—no one gives a shit about that. You have to be an expert or very knowledgeable about the theme of your show, whether that’s true crime or not. You have to know your shit.

3| Post-prod will make or break you

“It has to have great post-production. The good thing about podcasting is that it’s not live. you have the ability to correct what you said. There’s magic in how to make [the podcast] sound nice.”

4| Authenticity is your lifeblood

“Podcasting provides an avenue for you to be no-holds-barred, but you have to be authentic in the way you sound credible and in the way you sound relatable.”

5| Be uncensored, but responsible

“[Swearing aside], we need to be responsible enough to police ourselves when putting our quality content, not just for brands, but for our listeners.”

One of the best ways to learn? Listen. Here are some all-Filipino podcasts to follow: 

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