Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala's Best Quotes on Leadership, Sustainability, and More


Read Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala's greatest quotes on leadership, sustainability, and climate change here.

On running a family enterprise.

"We try to ensure that the next generations know that they are not merely owners but also stewards of business. Each new generation should know early on the difference between ownership and stewardship. Ownership is like possession, stewardship is a fiduciary role."

On philanthropy.

"I don't really like the word philanthropy. I consider it more a matter of building trust in the community. It means working with a broader constituency than those who buy your products and services. It involves building good will."

On leadership.

"Leadership is a psychological issue. It is leadership using non-managerial skills. It is about hope."

On achieving goals.

"Successful leaders develop goals and strategies to achieve their vision. Their commitment to their goals and vision is exemplified by their actions and their repeated communication of what must be done and why."

On the importance of nurturing employees.

"The most advanced technologies, most innovative offices, and most generous benefit packages amount to nothing if our people—the heart and soul of any company—are disengaged and unhappy."

On sustainability.

"Sustainable activities are still viewed through a philanthropic or corporate social responsibility lens. Companies should recognize it is in their interest to contribute to the progressive development of the markets they serve."

On what he's learned in business.

"Businesses are now regarded as having an implicit social contract with society, and now more than ever, they need to take into account the social impact of their business activities."


On climate change.

"We have to start thinking creatively about how to prepare ourselves for potential climate change risks. I think we should be contributors of resilience and help minimize the contributions we make in worsening the situation."

On curiosity.

"I'm naturally curious, and I just want to hear what the younger ones are thinking."

On young talent.

"We take a meritocratic approach to management and let leadership flourish from within. This kind of environment has helped us attract the best professional managers and leaders."

On developing solutions.

"I am a firm believer in the power of co-creation and collaboration. Let's reimagine the world we live in and the way things are."

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