The Secret to a Happy Life Isn't Money or Success, According to the 'Warren Buffett of Japan'

Can you take your money to the grave?

Money, cars, mansions, success—these are all things that are supposed to make us happy. Sure, there are reports that study the correlation of happiness and money—down to the exact dollar—but these studies mistake happiness for contentment, stability, or simply, the lack of financial stress.

It's not money that makes us really, truly happy, especially if you're chasing it 24/7.

“There is no end in the money game,” according to the late Japanese entrepreneur and investor Wahei Takeda, also known as the Warren Buffett of of Japan. In an CNBC article, Takeda's protege Ken Honda shared how the late investor compared the money game to baseball: "Even if you're in the bottom of the ninth inning, that doesn't guarantee a win."

So what is the secret to a success and wealth? A mentality that isn't obsessed about it. According to one of the most successful investors of his time, the key to an abundant and happy life is something called "maro," short for "magokoro," which means a sincere heart. Live with an upright life with pure intentions, says Takeda, and you'll discover inner contentment and gratitude. Instead of always chasing the game and always wanting and asking for more, pay your success forward and let your generosity lead to prosperity.

A very Japanese philosophy, yes, but you can't deny Honda and Takeda have a point. Don't live your life obsessed over money when you can't take it with you to the grave.

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