Ramon Ang's Best Quotes on Business, Words to Live By, and More


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On working together during the pandemic.

"We should convince all the Filipino businessmen to invest and start working because if they are all going to hide in their homes, the investors or the financiers will all be okay but their employees will lose jobs."

On tough decisions.

"One of the reasons for my accomplishments is because of my ability to read people and situations. I am able to adapt. I make tough decisions based on gut instinct."

On words to live by.

"What is the key to my happiness? Allow me to share with you what I have armed myself with in dealing with people: “Be a man of your word. Know how to keep a secret. Work harder than anybody else. Be decisive. Be a risk-taker. Nothing is impossible. Believe in a bigger purpose."

On San Miguel's goal.

"At San Miguel, we believe that love for country is important. That is why we continue to help as many Filipinos as we can through our products, roads, airports, and infrastructure. Building a better future for the next generation is our ultimate goal."

On conflicts of interest.

"Even when I was just an employee in this company, I never encouraged friends, relatives to come and do deals with the company. Not once was there a hint of such issues when I was running this company."

On philanthropy.

"In the future, whatever I have, I want to put in a foundation, to make sure that it can help many of our countrymen to go to school and get medical treatment."


On his role.

"All of San Miguel’s businesses have professional management teams who run the companies. My role is just to keep watch, guide, and remind them to always do better."

On his management style.

"I don’t wait for them to point me to problems that they expect me to solve. If that is what happens in meetings, you’re in trouble. It means you’re following your manager’s steps along the wrong path."

On starting a business.

"First, before you enter that business, you must think: do you have understanding and technical know-how? If you do, then go ahead if you have access to financial resources for investing."

On running for office.

"I prefer serving the public in the best way I can, which is to channel my resources and help the poor. It is not in my best interest to run for office."

On money.

"What is more important are lives, not money. We can make money again, but life, once you lose it, it’s gone forever. So between money and life, I’d choose life."

On developmental projects.

"What we hope to build is a long-term solution—a sustainable and world-class Philippine gateway with enough runways and facilities to meet current and future needs."

On what drives him.

"What drives everything is our greater purpose to help make the Philippines better because this is our country and our home."

On food insecurity.

"It’s heartbreaking. There is so much excess milk that goes to waste, instead of giving them to where they are most needed. By buying their excess milk, we are hoping to help not only our farmers stay in business but also get this produce to food banks and communities to help address the growing food insecurity facing the poorest families."

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On diversifying.

When we started to diversify, people said I was crazy. But when you look at how far we’ve come today, do you think we made the right move or not?

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