Three Unforgettable Experiences Where Having an E-Wallet Saved Our Skin

We would never leave our home without it.

Three Unforgettable Experiences Where Having an E-Wallet Saved Our Skin

We all make mistakes. Despite how much we prepare, there will always be some things that we can't account for. While it might be in our human nature to slip up once in a while, through years of progress we've developed reliable tools to make up for our shortcomings. We created airbags to keep us safe when we travel, insurance to help us when we most need it, and many more inventions that keep us safe and alive.

Though, in recent generations, we’ve developed tools that aren’t just for safeguarding our well-being but also to help us solve the problems we regularly encounter in our lives to the point that we rely on technology to save our skins for stupid mistakes we’ve made. Here are some moments that really show how screwed we would be without these reliable tools.

I’m just too nice sometimes
I was shopping at an ukayan in the province. It was mid-afternoon and almost everyone was trying to get some shade under the roof of the stalls. I brought a large coin purse for my barya since I rarely spend a lot at the ukay-ukay especially ones in the province because of how cheap the items are.

I was getting a bit dizzy because of the heat and was about to head home. I was fixing my shopping haul to make it easier to carry so I placed my stuff on the ground, including my coin purse. I was not really thinking straight and didn't really keep an eye on my things. A guy approached me and asked if I needed help. I thanked him but refused his help since most of the things I bought were just big but weren't heavy.

The man left and after a while I noticed that my coin purse was gone. I realized the guy must have took it but it was too crowded to see where he went. There was only P100 inside my wallet so I did not even try to chase him.

I was a bit pissed at myself for what happened, but I didn’t feel too bad other than the fact that I had no idea how to get home because this ukayan was a bit far from the place where I was staying, and no one was available to pick me up. That’s when I had this brilliant idea to ask if any of the jeepney drivers accepted digital payments since I had no cash on me. Luckily, one very kind manong did, and took me home along with my souvenirs .
Miki, 22, fresh graduate

It was my birthday, and I was going to treat my barkada to dinner at the restaurant I was interning in. The restaurant manager was kind enough to give me a huge discount because she appreciated the work I put in.

Everything was going well, when I saw a familiar bottle in my friend’s hand as he was pouring drinks for my other friends. My heart sank as I realized that it was a bottle from another table, which costs $500. I called him out and that’s when I found out that these freeloaders didn’t even bring money with them–and their excuse was “libre mo naman kasi eh.”

Luckily, I called in a favor from my dad and promised to pay him back once I got my pay next month. He sent me money through my PayMaya app, which arrived instantly. Next time, all the blowouts will be at home.
Guno, 21, aspiring chef

Dramatic exit
I was out with this guy I was dating for a few months. I really liked him, but he had this tendency to flirt with other guys when we were out. I was especially not feeling the way he was talking to the cute barista at this cafe we were at. The flirting wasn’t really that blatant but I was having a bad day.

I told him off telenovela style, making sure that I made a scene before I left. I was a block away when I realized that I had left my bag, which had my wallet inside of it. I couldn’t really head back there after what I did. Thankfully, I had PayMaya on my phone, which I used to top-up on my transport app wallet to book a ride home. It all ended up alright since he still gave me my stuff back and apologized for his flirtiness.
Bryan, 28, musician

Now, while none of these are life-threatening circumstances, you can tell that without reliable tools like an e-wallet app, our storytellers above would have a much harder time resolving their problems. It is really helpful to have an app that has got your back.

PayMaya, for example, has a 99.9% up time rate–which means that whenever you need saving by your e-wallet, you can always count on your PayMaya app to be there for you. No more waiting for downtime or system maintenance to be over. Simply open your phone and do your much-needed transactions with ease.

With this unmatched reliability, free cash in, real-time transaction history, and over 1500 billers that you can pay for with no extra chargeit’s no doubt that PayMaya is truly #TooGoodToBeNo2. So, what are you waiting for? Always have a reliable tool inside your pocket by downloading the PayMaya app (iOS | Android). You can even get a P100 reward when you register using the code ESQLOVESPAYMAYA and upgrade your account

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with PayMaya.

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