7 Habits That Are Making You Poor Without You Knowing

How many times have you wondered why you’re always short on money? If you try reviewing your lifestyle, you’ll notice that you’re probably spending on little things that snowball into a big cash cut, or you’re investing on huge things that you don’t really use. Best do away with these financially-draining habits, because you’ve worked hard for your cash and you deserve to enjoy it without worrying if you’ll have enough until the next payday.

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1| Not budgeting your salary before spending it

One reason why you always find yourself asking where your money went is because you didn't plan out where to put it in the first place. Once you receive your salary, always make sure to budget it before anything else. Set aside your savings, your payment for utilities and credit card bills or loans, as well as your food and transportation allowance before splurging on that really expensive lipstick.

2| Always buying on impulse

While retail therapy can be good once in a while, always indulging in things that you don’t really need can financially set you back greater than you initially expected. When accumulated, even small knick-knacks can cause you to be hard-pressed for cash long before the next payday, so if a purchase can wait, set it aside for when your budget can accommodate it.

3| Not considering bringing baon for lunch

It’s okay to eat out for lunch as long if you’ve already budgeted for it, but if you feel that you have the tendency to overspend (and overeat), or if you just want to save your money for something else, why not bring baon? A healthy home-cooked meal is always a good option—plus you know exactly where your food came from and how it was prepared.


4| Commuting when you can walk

If your destination is only a few blocks away and it’s a pretty clear day, opt to walk instead of booking an Uber or a Grab Car. Not only will you be able to save on your fare, but you’ll also get that much-needed exercise.

5| Regularly smoking

Regularly smoking can really put a dent in your budget, especially since it’s often driven by impulse. Quitting can do you a world of good financially and physically.

6| Not going to the gym after paying so much for a membership

We’ve all been guilty of ditching the gym after a few sessions and ending up paying so much for something that’s barely used. If you think you can’t commit to it, don’t get it. Find a workout that you’ll enjoy, or create an exercise routine at home which you won’t need to spend for.

7| Depriving yourself too much

It’s one thing to be matipid, but it’s another to be too kuripot. If you stress about work and money too much, it also affects your physical, mental, and sometimes even emotional well-being. You have to keep within budget while still enjoying what you've earned. Give yourself a break and a treat when you can afford it because you know that you deserve it.

This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com. Minor edits have been made by Esquiremag.ph editors. 

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