Having Trouble With Work-From-Home Productivity? Try These Helpful Tips

Focus and make a conscious effort to work productively at home.
Having Trouble With Work-From-Home Productivity? Try These Helpful Tips

Community quarantine has changed life and work significantly for all of us. Much has been said about this “new normal," likely because for many people, it's a huge departure from whatever "normal" was before the pandemic. The need to stay at home has come with an entirely new lifestyle: long lines at the grocery, alternative ways of connecting with loved ones, and a general uneasiness about what comes next. If you're lucky, though, you have had the privilege of being able to work from home, and by now are accustomed to an all-new work habit. But in the spirit of continuous improvement, here are a few ways you can continue to improve your WFH habits:

Pick a good spot to work at

One good thing about working from home is that you have a greater degree of freedom with regards to where exactly you work. But keep in mind that you have to treat this space just like your desk at work, meaning a couple of things: keep it tidy, make sure it’s far from distractions (yes, the refrigerator counts as a distraction) and check if there are sockets available for everything you need for work. Having a conducive spot can help you work more productively.

Stay away from your bed

Separating your place of work from your place of rest is important. You subconsciously associate your bed with rest, and so you can more easily feel tired if you're on your bed as you work. Conversely, over time, working on your bed might keep your brain from associating it with rest, so it becomes more difficult to feel relaxed even you’re tucked into your sheets at the end of the day. It's good to compartmentalize, in this case.

Let the light in

The image of a dimly lit room can give a feeling of warmth and coziness, which is tempting. However, it can also impede productivity. Less light can lead to eyestrain and headache, and also the feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. So when it’s getting dark and you still need to turn in some work, remember that mood lighting isn’t the best for productivity. Just turn the lights on.

To-do lists still work, even when you're working from home

There can be many more distractions at home than at the office. One simple and effective tip that works regardless of your environment: create a to-do list and stick to it. This is a simple tool for self-assessment, prioritization and organization. The trick is to get yourself hooked on the feeling of checking tasks off one by one.

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