Jeff Bezos Is Building a $500 Million Superyacht, Because Why the Hell Not?

This billionaire is clearly bored.

What do you do when you have a billion dollars? You buy a mansion. What do you do when you have $185 billion? You build space ships and buy a goddamn superyacht, because why the hell not?

By now, we shouldn't even be surprised by billionaire purchases, but Jeff Bezos's latest splurge has us reeling. Rumor has it the world's richest man is building a $500 million superyacht that's 417 feet long, has three giant masts, and is modeled after, wait for it, the Black Pearl.

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Bezos recently stepped down as CEO of Amazon, so he's probably got a lot of time on his hands now. Naturally, he decides to build a superyacht because that's what you do when you're the universe's richest human. Seriously, how bored is Bezos in quarantine right now?

Bezos' ship will be so big, it'll be 117-feet longer than a football field. Think of it like a giant cargo ship, only after an episode of Pimp My Ride. Bezos is reportedly having it made in the Netherlands and has hired Oceanco to build it. Oceanco is a luxury yacht builder that recently got attention for building the Black Pearl, a 350-foot-long ship with three mastheads, which is said to be the inspiration for Bezos' superyacht. Oceanco has been building it for years, but the secret only got out recently. I guess it's easy to keep secret when you have the money to keep people quiet.

As if the giant yacht wasn't enough, Bezos is also buying an entire fleet of smaller yachts that will carry his big boy toys, like submarines, helicopters, cars, and all those billionaire things.


As to why he's spending a ridiculous amount on a ship that'll stick out like a sore thumb, there seems to be no reason, but we can hazard a guess. Maybe he's preparing for a zombie apocalypse. Maybe he's planning to colonize the ocean. Or maybe he's doing it because why the hell not? $500 million is just a fraction of his wealth. Might as well splurge it before the planet dies (but he Bezos has an escape plan for that too. See: Blue Origin).

Either way, safe sailing to the crew of Bezos' not-Black Pearl.

But watch out for those pirates.

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A post shared by Oceanco (@oceancoyacht)

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