Jeff Bezos' Fortune Is Visualized as Grains of Rice in This Cool TikTok Video

If a single grain was worth $100,000, how much rice would the Amazon founder have?

If a single grain of rice represented $100,000, how much rice would Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, have? That’s what TikTok user Humphrey Yang wanted to show.

In a time lapse video he posted on TikTok on February 23, Yang painstakingly counted 10,000 grains of rice because he wanted to show how much a billion dollars would look like if three grains of uncooked rice were equal to $100,000. When the video went viral, Yang noticed people in the comments urging him to “Do Jeff Bezos!”

So he came up with a second video, in which he equated 1 grain of rice to $100,000. When he finally showed his audience how much Jeff Bezos’ $122 billion fortune looks like in terms of rice, the Internet was shocked. 

His TikTok video titled Rice Part Two was even picked up by American politicians.

“Under my #WealthTax, Jeff Bezos would pay approximately $7.3 billion, which would be just about three and a half pounds of this 58 pound mountain of rice,” said Elizabeth Warren on her Twitter account.

Humphrey Young is an influencer who specializes in short video content on TikTok to talk about money matters and personal finance. Among his most popular TikTok videos include The True Cost of a Hydroflask, and Counting Rice (Part 1).

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