You See This Cat? Her Net Worth Is $97 Million. We Envy This Cat

She's worth more than what most of us will make in a lifetime.
IMAGE Instagram / Taylor Swift

Meet the cat that puts your net worth to shame: Ms. Olivia Benson, the valued feline of pop star Taylor Swift. 

While Taylor might be raking in millions of dollars on her own, she's apparently not the only one making money to provide for her feline family. In fact, her adorable Scottish Fold Olivia Benson is one of the richest pets in the world.

Fun fact: She's named after the Law and Order character played by Mariska Hargitay. And in case you were wondering, the two Olivias have already met too. They're both stars, after all.


First adopted by Taylor in June 2014, Oliva's net worth has come up to a jaw-dropping $97 million as reported two years ago. According to the 2018 Pet Rich List—yes, it exists—the Instagram-famous cat ranked third out of 34 of the world's wealthiest pets. Olivia placed just behind Grumpy Cat meme Tardar Sauce with a net worth of $99.5 million, and German Shepherd aristocrat Gunther IV who's worth a whopping $375 million.

The complete article by insurance aggregator Compare the Market revelead that T. Swift's pet garnered her millions through commercial deals with the likes of Coca Cola and Keds.

Aside from this, she's also appeared in Taylor's music videos, including Blank Space, which now has over 2.6 billion views as of writing. Just imagine all that YouTube money. 

Olivia (even her name smells rich) has financially outdone multiple Hollywood A-listers. She's richer than most of the people you know and she doesn't even have opposable thumbs. 

Look at her lounging Buddha-style with millions of dollars in the bank. She's probably investing all her money for treats and kitty litter, all while lounging in her mom's NYC penthouse or Rhose Island mansion.

We envy the life of this cat. 

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