Investing in Me, Myself, and I: Where to Learn Something New has a database of over 6,800 offline and online courses around the country
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In an essay he wrote for business magazine Forbes, private investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett said that the most important investment you can make is investing in yourself. The world’s third richest person shared how a $100 course in public speaking that he took when he was younger helped in jumpstarting his career.

While you might be far from reaching Buffett’s stature—he’s worth $84 billion, after all—his focus on self-improvement can be emulated by everyone. And a platform that can help you make better investments in yourself is

“ is a booking site for trainings, created to connect learners to thousands of training providers, to make learning accessible to everyone who are eager to enhance their skills,” said Irene Chua, its CEO, in a statement.

Launched in the Philippines in 2012, the platform has information on over 6,800 training courses, both offline and online. There are a variety of programs that can help you keep ahead in a corporate environment, enhance your passion for something, or introduce you to a brand new skill, whether that’s coding or coffee making.

And yes, it has hundreds of courses on public speaking, if you want to follow Warren Buffett’s footsteps. can link you to the over 600 training providers on its database, eliminating the hassle of having to sift through various websites for the right course. Users can also fine-tune their searches based on their locations, which days they’re available, as well as to their budgets.

“The website was created to make it easy for people to search for training courses without having to go through thousands of irrelevant search results of general search engines like Google,” said Chua. “It aims to solve the problem of ordinary internet users who are looking for relevant, unbiased, localized, and up-to-date information on practical matters.”

The platform also has a constantly updating list of events, conferences and seminars happening around the country that its users can attend. Users can also settle payments through the website should the course provider or event organizer allow it.

To date, is helping over 16,000 learners in the Philippines invest in themselves. It’s also operational in 17 other countries, which add more than 17,000 users and 2,400 training providers to its network.

“Using is as simple as searching for topics of interest, book[ing] them online fuss-free, and show[ing] up at the designated date, place, and time,” added Chua.

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