A Day in the Life of Berna Romulo Puyat

The Tourism Secretary gives an update on domestic tourism, jumpstarting the industry, and more.


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01:22 January, we were positive by 8.8%
01:28 But since COVID, if you count January
01:32 to June, revenues have decreased by 60%
01:36 When you talk about El Nido, Coron,
01:39 and San Vicente
01:41 Those are only 3 tourist spots
01:43 The losses were 3.1 billion
01:47 and displaced workers directly
01:49 were 14,000
01:51 That's why it was important for us to
01:54 come here because ang dami na
01:56 talagang walang trabaho
01:58 and people really need jobs
02:01 so yun naman yung gusto natin
02:03 magkatrabaho na yung mga tao
02:05 But of course, safety first
02:08 Safety and health protocols first
02:15 Yes, it will but of course
02:18 it won't be like before
02:20 We had record-breaking numbers
02:22 All our numbers even surpassed
02:25 all our targets
02:26 But because of COVID and
02:28 with the absence of a vaccine
02:30 it won't be like before
02:32 but at least what is important
02:33 is it wll restart
02:39 Right now, under a modified GCQ
02:42 you can already actually start tourism
02:47 but then it is very important that
02:49 you talk to the local government units
02:51 because everybody has to be
02:53 100 percent ready
02:55 We recently had a survey
02:57 for travelers
02:58 and number one for them is how safe
03:01 is the destination
03:04 So that's why even though El Nido has
03:08 been under modified GCQ since June 1
03:11 It is important that you talk to the
03:14 local government that all the
03:16 health protocols are implemented,
03:18 the safety protocols
03:19 The DOT, of course we're in charge
03:22 of all the accommodations
03:24 But with the tourist spot itself, it's very
03:26 important to talk to the local government
03:34 Let's start with domestic tourism first
03:36 and let's see how it goes
03:38 Again, with the absence of a vaccine
03:40 the situation is fluid but of course,
03:44 if we can restart domestic tourism
03:47 successfully, eventually
03:49 we will be getting foreign tourists
03:52 But again, it's very hard to give a timeline
03:54 I'm quite happy. This is the second place
03:57 I've been to. The first was Boracay
03:58 and we were able to open Boracay
04:01 but only for western Visayas as
04:03 requested by the LGU
04:06 Here in El Nido, dry run first
04:08 But I'm happy that all the local
04:13 government units want to restart tourism
04:15 Slow but sure
04:17 I want to assure everybody that
04:19 even with all the health and safety
04:22 protocols in place
04:23 Even with the new normal
04:25 It's still more fun in the Philippines

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