Congressman Boying Remulla Apologizes to Brother Governor Jonvic, Then Slams ABS-CBN Again

“For the past 33 years, since the passage of the 1987 Constitution, ABS-CBN has implanted into the public pysche the abuse, corruption and stupidity of Congress and government officials and workers."

Cavite 7th District Representative Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla responded to an open letter addressed to him by his younger brother, Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla.

The congressman shared that he read his brother's letter thoroughly, and felt that he owed him gratitude for sharing his sentiments on the matter.

A video of Congressman Remulla went viral last week, showing him writing on a piece of paper on his desk in the plenary hall while the national anthem was playing the background.

Any disrespect displayed during “Lupang Hinirang” is in violation of Section 38 of Republic Act 8491, or the Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines.

Congressman Remulla violated this act during the ABS-CBN franchise renewal hearing in Congress.

The congressman is the vice chairperson of the House committee on good government and public accountability, which is part of the committee on legislative franchises that will deliberate over ABS-CBN's franchise renewal in Congress.

Congressman Remulla also received criticism from netizens for his way of questioning the resource persons from ABS-CBN.

Some criticized him for condemning them before allowing them to explain or answer his inquiries.

Governor Jonvic told Congressman Remulla, “We owe the people to be respectful. We owe the people clarity. We owe the country FACTS. As leaders, we owe people examples of civility which they can learn from. Whether we like it or not, as public servants our behavior shapes and influences others. Our language becomes the people’s language. Our attitude is seen and judged everyday.”

‘Monstrosity Called ABS-CBN’

This Saturday, July 4, on Facebook, Congressman Remulla responded to Governor Jonvic.


He said, “I read your letter intently and I am grateful for your concern. You used the term respect and until now, I cannot get over my mistake of writing a note while the National Anthem was playing. The legislator has already sought the dispensary, and he continues to ask for forgiveness…I am only human. I am sorry.”

Congressman Remulla then went on to hit ABS-CBN in his “apology” post.

The lawmaker said that before the start of the ninth hearing for the ABS-CBN franchise on Wednesday, July 1, he was warned by a "very good and respected friend" about the "monstrosity called ABS-CBN."

Congressman Remulla said, “He told me that ABS-CBN is like a God, with tons of money and other resources at their disposal, to be used to crush anybody who would stand in their way, like the tragic figure called ERAP that the masses elected in 1998.”

The "ERAP" he was referring to was former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada, who was ousted by the People Power Revolution, also known as EDSA 2, in January 2001.

The lawmaker did not reveal the identity of this friend.

According to Congressman Remulla, ABS-CBN has controlled the minds and lives of many people. It only stopped during martial law.

ABS-CBN was among the sequestered companies when former president Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law on September 21, 1972.

Lopez returned as the owner of ABS-CBN in 1989, under the administration of former President Corazon Aquino.

The congressman from Cavite said, “Yes, they have gained control over the minds and lives of many of our people, interrupted only by the advent of Martial Law. Before Martial Law, they were able to make Congress pass 3 laws that gave them 3 franchises of 50 years each, REPUBLIC ACT 5730, 5731 and 5733. All in one day!!! Yes, Jonvic, this will not be an easy fight.”

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Republic Act 5730 is a law that provides a franchise for Bolinao Electronics Corporation to establish, maintain, and operate stations for internal telecommunication and television stations in the country.

Republic Act 5731 is a franchisee for the Manila Chronicle to establish, maintain, and operate radio broadcasting stations and television stations in the country.

Republic Act 5733 is a contract for Bolinao Electronics Corporation to establish, maintain, and operate radio stations throughout the country.

These three bills were signed within one day of June 21, 1969.

In his Facebook post, Congressman Remulla revealed his deep outrage at ABS-CBN. He added that the network has been brainwashing the public for more than three decades with false reports of corrupt congressmen and government officials.

Congressman Remulla said: “But we have to make it known, to the people of our country, and to history that there were public servants who fought for the public good. For the past 33 years, since the passage of the 1987 Constitution, ABS-CBN has implanted into the public pysche the abuse, corruption and stupidity of Congress and government officials and workers. They have brainwashed our people that there is no honor in public service and never allowed anybody to answer back in the same forum. Or the same television programs.”


Character Assassination

According to Remulla, ABS-CBN is paying for good lawyers and professionals to further its corporate interests.

According to Remulla, he himself was ruined by the network. Using its money, ABS-CBN reportedly mobilized trolls to destroy his reputation on social media.

This is exactly what the congressman said: “They have hired the best lawyers, accountants and other professionals that money can buy to guard over their interests. They have displayed contempt for Congress by violating their franchise and franchises given by law to other people, such as AMCARA and the Carandang family. They have repeatedly lied to Congress, and in so doing, have shown a very low regard for the Filipino people. And they have used social media to assasinate my character, employing millions of trolls in the process.”

At the end of his post, Congressman Remulla thanks his brother Governor Jonvic once more.

He also commended the good conduct of his brother as the governor of Cavite.

“Thank you for your concern. And I remember our father who served the Province of Cavite and the Filipino People wholeheartedly and endured the hard road of public service. Continue your good work as governor. You are doing a great job as Governor. Allow me to finish what I started. And maybe, wish me well in the process. “

Congressman Remulla and Governor Jonvic are the children of former Cavite Governor Johnny Remulla.

Their brother is Gilbert Remulla, 49, a former ABS-CBN news reporter and former congressman.

Today, July 6, Congress will hold another hearing for the ABS-CBN franchise hearing.


Congressman Remulla was one of the lawmakers who interrogated ABS-CBN representatives during the last hearing.

This story originally appeared on and has been translated from Tagalog to English by editors.

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