A Bride Stood Up By Her Groom on Wedding Day Ends Up Marrying... Her Father-in-Law

“My father’s wife is my ex-girlfriend.”

What should have been the happiest day of her life for a bride-to-be in Indonesia turned into a day of mourning when her groom did not kiss her on their wedding day on August 29, 2023.

The groom was identified as Isra while the bride-to-be who was ghosted was identified by Indonesian media only as “SA.”

SA comes from a village in Jikotamo, South Halmahera.

Their relationship with Isra had been going on for a long time.

It was the poor bride who told the guests that the wedding would not go ahead.

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For SA's family and even the family of the groom, the situation was unacceptable. Both parties spent a lot on the wedding preparations. The dowry had also been settled— the money or jewelry paid by the groom's family to marry the bride. The tradition of giving dowry is still practiced in other Asian countries.

In a strange twist of events, as to not waste the dowry, SA's marriage still went ahead. But not to her original groom anymore—but rather, who should have been her father-in-law.


The video of SA's wedding to Isra's father is now viral on Indonesian social media.

Photo by COURTESY.

In an interview by TribunJatim.com, a local news outlet in Indonesia, with Wisto Ahmad, SA's brother, he said that the wedding guests were complete when the groom's family informed them that Isra could not be found.

Wisto also confirmed that SA is married to the groom's father.

It turns out that although it was a big shame for SA's family that her real groom didn't show up, they were more concerned about the 25 million rupiah (US$1,700) or PHP96,551.50 spent for the wedding.

In order not to waste the money, the marriage went ahead and Isra was replaced by her father. Indonesian social media have mixed reactions to the unusual wedding that took place. Many laughed at the situation. There were also those who were saddened by what happened to SA.

One commented, "My father's wife is my ex-girlfriend."

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Others criticized SA's family, saying that for a small amount they imprisoned the woman in a marriage she did not want.

Wisto admitted that what happened was a big shame for him.

He was angry with Isra. They have also reported the incident to the local police, but no legal action has been taken yet.

He also appealed to the public that if the missing groom is seen to inform him.

Meanwhile, in a report by mustsharenews.com on September 5, the official authorities of Indonesia declared that SA's marriage to her boyfriend's father was not legal based on Islamic law.

The marriage that took place allegedly did not meet certain conditions of marriage under the Islamic religion.

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