Clowns Waited for Children Outside Singapore School to Invite Them to Speech Class


A number of clowns have been sighted lurking outside Singapore’s schools, asking children to follow them. Apparently, the clowns were recruiting the children to a speech school. 

Horrified parents did not hesitate to call the police. 

“Their unnerving presence sparked a flurry of complaints from concerned parents who immediately called on the police to investigate,” reported the Washington Post

“The police are verifying the facts with an education center on their alleged involvement in the incidents. Police investigations are ongoing,” Singapore newspaper Today reported.

Speech Academy Asia, the education center that sent the promoters, has apologized to anyone it may have offended with the unnerving sight of lurking clowns. 

“We truly understand your concern for the safety of your children. Hence, we will be putting an immediate stop to our roadshows,” wrote Speech Academy Asia in an Instagram post

“We would like to extend our sincere apologies for the cause of concern over the safety of your children.”

It also clarified that their clowns do not take away children. 

“Our promoter did not attempt to kidnap the children,” it said. “Our promoter is a positive and cheerful individual who has been with us for three years.”

‘We Did Not Realize the Clown Mascot Was So Scary’

In a report by local news site Today, Kelvin Tan admitted they did not realize the clown costume would be so scary. When asked how the idea of dressing up as a clown came about, Tan said that it was up to the promoter to choose his own get-up.


“It could range from an elephant to a cute bunny, just something to get kids to like it. We didn’t realize the clown mascot was so scary,” Tan told Today

“We are truly sorry. We didn’t know it would spin off to such an extent. We just purely wanted to get more parents’ support (for our classes),” he added.

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