House Panel Discreetly Approves Resolution Extending Term Limits

Be wary of things that happen behind closed doors.

Behind closed doors, a panel in the House of Representatives sought to extend term limits of local government officials to five years and three terms, revealed Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate in a press conference on December 11. The panel also approved the relaxation of some economic restrictions on foreign investments. Currently, senators are allowed to run for two consecutive terms of six years each, while congressmen and mayors are allowed to serve for three years per term with a maximum of three consecutive terms.

According to Zarate, four other members of the constitutional amendments committee opposed the move, but were overruled by ten members of the body. “This is Charter change by legislation. This is not allowed under our Constitution. This is a very dangerous action,” said Zarate. According to Zarate, the panel also seeks to take up the issue of the shift to a federal form of government next year.


The move contradicts the earlier pronouncements of house speaker Alan Peter Cayetano that the House will not prioritize charter change.

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