44 People Have Died in Iran Because of Bogus Coronavirus Cure

The fake cure uses toxic methanol.

Outside China, Iran has one of the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. At least 291 and counting have died due to the virus. Now, citizens are taking matters in their own hands by counting on bootleg cures.

A homemade brew that uses methanol has led to the death of 44 people in the southern city of Ahwaz. The number is a huge jump from an initial report that stated 27 people died due to alcohol poisoning. At least 270 people were also sent to the hospital after being poisoned.

"Some of the citizens of Ahwaz had heard that drinking alcohol could help them fight the coronavirus, so they used it as a preventive measure," said Ali Ehsanpour, spokesman of Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences, according to the Mehr News Agency. "One of the victims got blind and some others are in critical condition."

Drinking alcohol is banned in Iran except for non-Muslim minorities. Another version of the rumor says the spraying alcohol or chlorine prevents the spread of coronavirus and even stops the virus from entering the body.

Currently, seven bootleggers have been arrested in the city.

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