Duterte Promised A Lot More Things In His Latest Coronavirus Press Briefing

But can he follow through?

Six days ago, the president was officially granted special powers to combat the spread of COVID-19. Now, he's held the first of many required Monday press conferences where he thanked numerous people, sent his condolences, promised a lot of good things, and warned corrupt officials.

Duterte thanked health workers and frontliners, assuring them that their "heroism will not be forgotten." While saying that those who died after contracting COVID-19 are fortunate for dying for their country. He also recognized LGUs by saying that the government is fully behind them as they safeguard the welfare of their communities.

Referring to his emergency powers, the president promised that he will only use power to direct operations of private entities only when absolutely necessary. Adding that the government has allotted P200 billion for those affected under the no work, no pay scheme.

"Gagawin ko lahat para walang magutom. We are now procuring medical supplies. About one million medical protective items are being acquired right now with the government and private sectors helping together," he said.


The president then issued a stern warning to corrupt officials. "I will see to it even tomorrow. If I discover some embezzlements. I am not a cruel man pero if may report ang police, I will order your detention hanggang matapos itong COVID-19. Sabi ko huwag ngayon. Huwag na huwag kayong mandaya, mangurakot at taguin mga pagkain at yung iba di bigyan."

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Now, we'll just have to wait and see if see if it all follows through. So... same time next week?

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