Duterte Signs the Anti-Terror Bill into Law

Enforcers won’t need a warrant to detain suspected terrorists.

President Duterte has signed the Anti-Terror Bill into law. The bill has caused controversy in the past weeks because of its provisions.

Once the Anti-Terror Law is put into place, enforcers won’t need a warrant to detain suspected terrorists. They can be detained for up to 14 days, which can be extended by another 10 days.

Further, anyone who participates in any act which endangers a person’s life, causes damage or destruction to a government facility or private property, engages in acts that cause interference, manufactures or possesses explosives or weapons, or releases any chemical which can cause mass destruction or harm.

The law also grants police and the military the power to track down suspected individuals or organizations, record discussions, tap communication lines, and intercept any communication involving terrorism.

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