This Module Discourages Peaceful Assembly Because 'The Government Has Really Doing Their Best'

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"The government has really doing their best." That's the answer allegedly given in a module released by the Department of Education discouraging students from joining peaceful assemblies.


These Textbook Errors Are ‘Funny’ Yet Unforgivable

These Filipino Student Inventors Are Out to Change the World

The answer did not get past the Commission on Human Rights, which slammed the DepEd module for discouraging peaceful assembly. The alleged DepEd module is for the subject of Media and Information Literacy

In a statement, CHR spokesperson Jacqueline Ann De Guia stressed the importance of respecting the law and developing critical thinking among students, and encouraged people to report errors to the DepEd. 

“While respect for the law is a good value to teach, it is equally important to develop among our children critical thinking, especially when it comes to issues that affect us, not only personally, but as well as those national in scope,”said De Guia

Photo by Commission on Human Rights.

“Love for one’s country is not limited to mere obedience, but can also be manifested through… freedom of speech, of expression, the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and petition the government for redress of grievances.”

According to De Guia, instead of discouraging dissent, educators should teach students to demand better accountability from the government officials because it is their duty to respect, protect, and fulfill the rights of all. 


These Textbook Errors Are ‘Funny’ Yet Unforgivable

These Filipino Student Inventors Are Out to Change the World

Below is the transcript of the error-filled answer key to the module allegedly coming from the DepEd. 

1. What is the picture all about? 

Expression of freedom for peacefully assembly against the government.

2. Why do you think these people participated in this event? 

Against the new law being implemented.

3. If given the chance, will you join this rally? Why or why not? 

No, because the government has really doing their best for all the Filipino people and all their constituents.

Photo by David Waya, Commission on Human Rights.
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