A Ship Caused a Massive Blockage at Suez Canal, But Not Before It Drew a Huge Dick


A ship getting stuck at the Suez Canal would give the world's economies a huge headache. Sailors aboard the Ever Given (marked Evergreen) container vessel found themselves exactly in this position. 

The Ever Given was peacefully traversing the manmade canal on March 23 when it ran out of luck and got stuck in the middle of the narrower channel of the canal. As of March 24, there was a massive pileup of vessels, many of which are carrying billions of dollars' worth of trade. Engineers were still trying to figure out how to remove the vessel. 

But apparently, the Ever Given had drawn a massive penis on the water before it got stuck as it entered the canal. 

"Misfortune's unerring aim touched Ever Given's track as it departed the designated anchorage and steamed into the canal," wrote John Scott-Railton on a Twitter post that also included the GPS-tracked movement of the ship. "Innocent but terrible luck," he added. 

"Innocent But Terrible Luck"

Photo by Vesselfinder.com.

Ever Given is a Taiwanese-owned ship registered in Panama. It lost power and drifted sideways before running aground on one of the canal's narrowest passages. The 193-kilometers-long Suez Canal is the world's most crucial shipping lane. On average, 50 ships pass through the canal every day. The canal saves the world billions of dollars as it bypasses the trip around the African continent. 

Maritime historian Sal Mercogliano, told the BBC that the blockage could seriously affect global trade. "If they are unable to pull her free, they are going to have to start removing cargo. Every day the canal is closed ... container ships and tankers are not delivering food, fuel, and manufactured goods to Europe and goods are not being exported from Europe to the Far East," said Mercogliano.

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