The World's Most Powerful Fighter Jets Are Coming to Asia in Big Numbers


America is sending its most prized fighter jet to Asia, and in big numbers. The F-22 Raptor is considered the most powerful fighter jet in the world. 

The move comes a month after Taiwan reported the largest incursion of Chinese combat warplanes into its airspace, consisting of 20 Chinese fighter jets, four H-6 bombers, several early warning planes, and an anti-submarine aircraft.

The F-22 Raptors are fifth-generation combat jets, recognized as the world’s most advanced fighter aircraft. It has stealth technologies, electronic warfare capabilities that disrupt enemy aircraft systems, and unmatched maneuverability. 

Developed by Lockheed Martin, the F-22 Raptor is a supersonic, dual-engine fighter jet that is exclusively produced for the U.S. and is not for sale to other allies, unlike the fifth-gen F-35 stealth fighters also developed by the company. 

The Raptors will take part in the Pacific Iron 2021 Exercises, a muscle-flexing military exercise, which aims to show just how powerful and flexible the U.S. Air Force is. It will also enhance the interoperability of America and its allies in Asia. 

According to the US Indo-Pacific Command, more than 35 aircraft and around 800 Airmen from Pacific Air Forces and Air Combat Command will participate in the exercise. It  will involve 10 F-15E Strike Eagles, 25 F-22 Raptors, and two C-130 J Hercules.

On top of Pacific Iron 2021, the Raptors will also take part in the exercises between QUAD allies, which also includes Australia, India, and Japan—the most powerful militaries in the Indo and Asia Pacific Region. 

It has been reported that China has been wary of the QUAD alliance and how it aims to encircle China’s growing military and economic might in the region. 


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