PH Media Is Going to Block Fake News From Your Facebook Feed

That's a fact.
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Fake news is old news but more dangerous than ever. Whether you’re passionate about politics or barely follow the news cycle, you almost certainly have political biases that make it easier for fake news items to slip through, especially with the constant flow of news appearing on your Facebook feed.

Last time we checked, news reporting was still based on precious facts, and those are all you really need to confirm if the story your aunt who shares surprisingly radical political views on Facebook is indeed true. So before you banish your tita’s posts from your feed permanently, do consider the recently launched Fakeblok plug-in.

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A collaboration between the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines and the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, Fakeblok does the fact-checking before fake news appears in your feed. The handy plug-in “calls your attention when links from websites that tend to post fake news appear on your Facebook newsfeed [and] is curated, fact-checked and monitored by a group of independent media professionals.” You can still decide if you want to click on the post but it’s likely to be fake.


With politics being highly bipartisan these days, those who are most resistant to facts will likely yell ‘fake news!’ upon hearing about Fakeblok. It’s not for those who think feelings are more important than facts or those who believe journalists who report news inconsistent with their personal values are the enemy, but for people who want to read and watch real news but don’t possess the time or savvy to vet every news item popping up on their screen. And that’s a fact. Unless your feelings tell you otherwise.

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