Plastic Sachets May Soon Be Gone from Supermarkets

You may live to see the day when single-use plastics are illegalized in the Philippines. Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said on November 10 that the President would likely certify as priority legislation a bill seeking to ban single-use plastics. According to Panelo, during a cabinet meeting last week, President Duterte brought up the topic of banning single-use plastics, considering that the Philippines is the world’s third-largest contributor to ocean plastic.

Senator Francis Pangilinan has urged the President to support his Senate Bill 40, also known as the Single-Use Plastics Regulation and Management Bill, which would phase out single-use plastics by prohibiting their importation, manufacture, and use in establishments and stores. The bill also seeks to give incentives to those who will reuse or recycle plastics.

What are single-use plastics?

Single-use plastics or disposable plastics are typically plastic packaging or utensils that are thrown away after one use. Examples of single-use plastics are sachet packaging, plastic wrappers, plastic spoons and forks, plastic straws, plastic bottles, party cups, food packaging, and a host of other unrecyclable plastic materials.

Single-use plastics are the largest sources of solid waste, which often end up in waterways and oceans, killing marine life. 

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