Hanz Cua Says 2021 Will Be Worse Than 2020. Let's Hope He Is Wrong

Cua predicted 2020 was going to be strong, prosperous, and lucky. 

In 2020, astrologer and feng shui expert Hanz Cua predicted 2020 was going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for all of us. He was wrong. Now, Cua predicts 2021 will be a worse year than 2020.

According to Cua, 2020 was the Year of the Rat and is the first sign among the 12 animal zodiacs. He said it was going to be a good year to start a business or start a new career. 

He could not have been more wrong: The pandemic forced thousands of businesses to close, and thousands of workers got laid off as the nationwide lockdown and curfews in the Philippines prevented people from going out.

In May 2020, he reacted to his detractors, saying no one really expected the pandemic to happen, and that 2020 was not yet over. But now, he predicts 2021 will be worse than 2020 because the “fire element,” which supposedly attracts prosperity, is missing in the Year of the Metal Ox. 

“Based sa aking predictions, sa mga chart, sa mga gabay, nakikita ko na ang 2021 natin ay posibleng mas maging difficult pagdating sa pinansyal, mas maging difficult pagdating sa mga opportunities, mas maging difficult pagdating sa pera,” said Cua in an interview on One News

(“Based on my predictions, the charts, and the guides, I can see 2021 will possibly be more difficult in terms of financial, more difficult in terms of opportunities, more difficult in terms of money.”)

Aside from his grim predictions about people’s finances, Cua also said he sees the element of illness persisting in 2021. 


Cua advised people to wear colors that signify fire: red, orange, and yellow. According to him, painting your house or changing your sheets to fire colors can help negate the unlucky elements of 2021. 

But there’s always a disclaimer that Cua always says: Your destiny is in your hands. We’re hoping that he is right about this and wrong about 2021. Because damn, wasn’t 2020 enough?

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