Who Had the Highest President-Elect Voting Percentage?

As of this writing, Bongbong Marcos is set to become president with approximately 59 percent of the votes.

In an election as historic as we've ever seen, roughly 67 million registered voters were expected to come out and cast their ballots. The country's old record for registered voters was 42,552,835 in 2016.

While there has been no official tallies yet, the election results came in at an unprecedented speed on the evening of May 9. The unofficial count has now given us a glimpse of what the next three to six years is going to look like at both the local and national levels.

We have a better idea of who our mayors, senators, and, of course, President are. Some have even called it a day and conceded amicably. For the presidency, the Philippines is on the brink of officially proclaiming as winner frontrunner Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos, Jr.. Vice President Maria Leonor "Leni" Robredo trails him by about 15 million votes, accounting for only 28 percent of the voting population.

With about 97 percent of votes coming in, Marcos has about 58 to 59 percent of the voting public electing him. This kind of pull puts him right in the pantheon of some of our most iconic Presidents since 1940.

To put things into perspective, Marcos is set to win with the highest voting-elect percentage since his father, Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. at 61.47 percent in 1969, and President Ramon Magsaysay at 68.90 percent back in 1953.

The highest voting percentage number still belongs to President Manuel L. Quezon, who had 81.78 percent of voters electing him in 1941. For that year, the Philippines, however, only had 1,638,928 valid votes.

As of May 10, 2022 at 1:00 PM, 97.43 percent of precincts have reported unofficial-partial results based on real-time data from the Commission on Elections' transparency server. If Marcos, Jr. maintains his current trajectory, he may end up having the fourth-highest voting percentage for an elected president.


For comparison, President Rodrigo Duterte won the last presidency with more than 16.6 million votes. Marcos, Jr. is about to get elected with about 30.8 million.

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