MMDA Calls Out Forbes Park Homeowners on Crumbling Wall Along EDSA

IMAGE Facebook / Col. Bong Nebrija

On Saturday morning, the Metro Manila Development Authority's Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija posted on social media photos of a crumbling perimeter wall along EDSA and called it a huge accident waiting to happen.   

"Forbes Park perimeter wall collapsed on Edsa," Nebrija said. "No one was injured nor any car passing by that was damaged. MMDA has reported this matter to the homeowner’s association long time ago but no action has been done yet. Other parts of the wall are also at the brink of collapse as well. This is an accident waiting to happen specially now that the soil is saturated because of the rain.

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"I hope an immediate action could be done by the homeowners in the exclusive subdivision to address this matter," Nebrija added. "Anyway, pedestrians, bikers and motorists frequenting this location must watch out and stay clear of this wall.”


The MMDA traffic chief is largely responsible in making sure that EDSA remains free-flowing and safe. So situations like these should be quickly addressed without delay. From the photos, it looks like plants and trees have possibly taken root at the base soil on the opposite side of the concrete fence and the soil movement caused by these roots have dislodged the beams and columns supporting the wall.

The thick concrete plaster covering the wall shows that it has already cracked on all the surface area and looks like it has delaminated from the concrete hollow blocks (CHB) wall core. In masonry, a thick plaster is not ideal to cover up a CHB type wall and proper plastering and some sort of wall protection should be done to prevent the elements from breaking down the concrete wall structure.

The Forbes Park homeowner is also probably a “plantito” or “plantita” judging from the numerous trees and greenery overshooting the high fence. Let’s just hope the good folks at the exclusive subdivision would take quick action soon so that no one gets hurt. According to Col. Nebrija, the Forbes Park homeowner’s association has yet to respond to his calls.

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