Nas Daily Says NCIP Report Is Not True

Nas Daily stands his ground.

On the weekend, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) reported that Whang-Od’s contract with Nas Academy was “grossly onerous,” saying the last mambabatok was unaware of the agreement.

It can be remembered that in early August 2021, Gracia Palicas, Whang-Od’s granddaughter, took to social media to claim that her grandmother was not aware of any contract made with Nas Academy, an online learning platform run by popular vlogger Nas Daily. In two separate posts that have been deleted, Palicas implied her grandmother was being exploited by Nas Academy. 

“WARNING!!! Whang Od Academy is not real. My grandmother did not sign any contract with @NasDaily to do any academy. Some people are taking advantage of our culture. PLEASE HELP US STOP this disrespect to the legacy of Apo Whang Od and the Butbot Tribe,” she said in her first post.

“I spoke to her and she said she did not understand what the translators were saying. Am sorry to tell you she will not be joining the @nasdaily,” Palicas later explained in another post.

Nas Daily Reacts to NCIP's Report

The NCIP stood by Palicas in its report, which was belied by Nas Academy. 

“As shown in a portion of the video which we released, you can see that Whang-Od affixed her thumbprint on the contract, only after the contents had been explained to her by the local Filipino production team with the help of Estela. It was only after the permission was granted by the family that the filming started,” the statement read.


According to the statement released by the academy, they were not given the chance to cooperate with the NCIP.

“We were ready to cooperate with the regional office of the NCIP in its investigation. But Nas Academy was not given the chance to explain its side before arriving at a conclusion and releasing a statement. This is not how a fair investigation is held. Both sides must be heard to reach a fair and informed conclusion,” it said.

The learning platform also emphasized they are not taking advantage of Whang-Od, and clarified she will be receiving “shared revenue” generated from the project. 

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