Is YouTube Now a News Channel? Nas Daily and Wil Dasovich Discuss the Role of Content Creators

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The year 2020 ushered in an age of political turmoil around the world, not to mention a pandemic, and it’s changed everyone’s lives—including that of “content creators,” which includes the likes of vloggers and “influencers.”

Their role is evolving, which is the argument of famous Arab-Israeli vlogger Nuseri Yussein of the hit video series Nas Daily. Nas is popular for his entertaining, informative, and insightful videos that help people understand different cultures around the world. He’s known for taking a mindful approach to his videos, focusing more on the cultural context of the countries he features rather than becoming a “personality” on social media.

In his new podcast called Nas Talks, Nas welcomed popular Filipino vlogger Wil Dasovich onto his show to discuss social media in the Philippines and the role of influencers in a country that recently shut down its biggest media company.

Infotainment or Entertainment?

Touching on the responsibility of vloggers in 2020, Nas explained how he hopes to transform his platform into an “infotainment” platform that will show people content that is important enough to care about.

However, Dasovich defended that he didn’t want to be political or discuss politics, which he said is his golden rule because “you’re always going to upset a huge group of people.”

Nas then pointed out that Dasovich has already done a political project as the two participated in a Taiwan project that is inherently political as Taiwanese independence is not recognized by China.

Dasovich defended that the news wasn’t divisive, and he “gravitates towards that ray of light.” He went on to discuss how he prefers to focus on content that has a positive impact on his emotions, so he would rather focus on light or happy content.


This is where Nas “vehemently disagreed” as nothing huge, like a war between the Philippines and China, has taken place. And if it did, Nas argued that it would be impossible for the vlogger to ignore it and make a vlog about video games.

“I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re a dormant news channel... I’m willing to bet 10,000 dollars right now that if, God forbid, some major event happens like a tsunami or a war or an earthquake, you are going to become a news channel, and a news channel for good, but nonetheless to tell the news,” said Nas.  

“We’ll cross that bridge when it happens,” said Dasovich.

The discussion attracted online attention, with some framing it as an argument or a debate. Nas later went to social media to address the situation as he claims "it’s being taken out of context in some online articles." 

"We are both trying to figure out what to do with social media. It’s a whole new world for both of us. And we’re doing our best to make it a net positive to the world," explained Nas. "Everyone has a different way of achieving their goals. And we have to respect that. If you want to form an opinion, I would advise you to do it not based on quotes, but based on research." 

The insightful topic is one that needs further discussion as to the role of vloggers and influencers in this hyper-aware world. Social media platforms have become a main source of information and entertainment to Filipinos, and now with a major media network off the air, it begs the question of who can step in to fill in the vacuum of content that’s been left behind. And how this will impact the role of content creators in the Philippines.

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You can listen to the entire episode of Nas Talks here:

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