Unnamed Group Who Wants Pedophilia to Be Normal Is Making Us Mad as Hell

Worse than fake news.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano

Looking at the state of the Internet, it doesn’t look like humanity is making much progress at all. Fake news is now a real part of our news cycle, we’ve given up privacy for convenience, and everyone with a smart phone has a forum for spreading misinformation.

But that’s nothing compared to this troubling trend emerging from the darkest, most disgusting parts of the Internet. A small group of individuals, claiming to be a “progressive community that promotes acceptance and peace,” uses deception to advocate for what they call the rights of pedophiles. Congregating on social media under the name Heart Progress, these anonymous individuals try to align themselves with the LGBTQ cause, using the nonsensical argument that pedophilia too is a sexual orientation.


Quickly getting shut down only to pop up again, these individuals are hounded by outraged netizens, forcing them to adopt ever-changing aliases in the pursuit of their ‘rights’ as child molesters. And it’s hard to know what’s true or not–this is happening on the fringes of the Internet after all–so if you feel like you need to investigate further, don’t expect to reemerge with a greater sense of clarity. Just a little less hope in mankind.

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