The Philippines Has the Theoretical Capacity to Overcome COVID-19, Says Report


In the latest big data analysis by think tank and international consortium Deep Knowledge Group, the Philippines ranked 55 out of 200 countries in the latest COVID-19 safety and risk assessment, and was categorized as a country that had the resources and theoretical capacity to overcome the pandemic but failed to do so in practice.

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The 250-page report analyzed the COVID-19 safety measures of 200 countries, utilizing 130 parameters grouped into four categories: quarantine efficiency, government efficiency of risk management, monitoring and detection, health readiness, and resilience and emergency preparedness.

The Deep Knowledge Group has released several safety analyses in recent months, and the latest update proves just how fast the pandemic is changing how countries adapt. In the latest list, the top 10 safest and most stable countries or regions amid the pandemic are Switzerland, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Austria, China, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.



The 200 countries analyzed were divided into four tiers based on the success of each country’s COVID-19 safety measures. Tier 1 consists of countries that did exceptionally, Tier 2 consists of countries that did better than average, Tier 3 consists of countries that had all the resources in place but failed to succeed, and Tier 4 consists of countries with neither resources nor success at flattening the curve.

The Philippines fell in the Tier 3 category, which comprises of the regions that “should have scored well given their raw healthcare, governmental and crisis management resources, but which in practice ranked much lower than expected (i.e., territories which failed the critical stress test, but who had the theoretical capacity to surpass it).”


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However, the country still fared better than more developed Tier 3 countries like the U.S.A., France, and Sweden, but not as well as fellow Southeast Asian nations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Other countries in Tier 3 are Spain, Italy, and the U.K.

Overall, the Philippines came in 38th in quarantine efficiency but 75th in government efficiency, 33rd in monitoring and detection but 93rd in healthcare readiness, and 40th in regional resiliency as well as 23rd in emergency preparedness.


The report was made to help governments enhance their efficiency in fighting COVID-19 and to prevent the spread of future pandemics and threats, with the main goal of putting theoretical capacities into practice.

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