The Philippines Has Pledged Financial Support to Afghanistan


The Philippines has pledged to provide financial aid to Afghanistan as the country faces an upheaval brought about by a transition of power. 

Evan Garcia, the Philippines' permanent representative at the U.N. office in Geneva, responded to the appeal of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) for help regarding Afghanistan. 

Modest Financial Contribution

In a tweet, the Department of Foreign Affairs through its Philippine Mission in Geneva announced the financial pledge. Although they did not disclose the amount being pledged, it described it as a "modest financial contribution."

"The Philippines remains true to its commitment to provide humanitarian response to those most in need. We welcomed Afghanistan refugees and asylum seekers, now we pledge a modest financial contribution to the UN OCHA Flash Appeal. We walk the talk."

Back in August, Afghanistan experienced a rapid failure of government and the takeover of the Taliban after the United States pulled out of the country, officially ending the 20-year American occupation of the country. 


After the Fall of Kabul and the Taliban's lightning-speed victory over the rest of Afghanistan, the country faces a brewing financial collapse as fears of cash hoarding abound. 

Over $10 billion worth of Afghan investments are parked in the U.S.Afghan gold, investments, and foreign currency reserves—but the Biden administration ordered all of them frozen after the Taliban takeover. 

The U.S. and the West will likely use the funds as leverage to pressure the Taliban into conforming to international law, cooperating against terrorists, and respecting human rights. 

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