Piers Morgan Praises OFW Nurses and Doctors in the U.K. Protecting Patients at the Frontline

Thousands of Filipino nurses bolster the NHS’ workforce.

British broadcast journalist Piers Morgan took a few minutes in his Good Morning Britain show to applaud the hardworking Filipinos nurses and doctors working at the frontline of U.K.’s fight against COVID-19.

Many of these OFWs left their families in the Philippines to provide for them better, choosing to work in first world countries like the U.K., which has thousands of nurses in the centralized National Health Service (NHS).

In this video, Morgan shares how a chat with a Filipino woman opened his eyes to the sheer number of OFWs currently in the NHS, saving the lives of British coronavirus patients.

“A lovely Filipino lady works for me, and she was out with her friends on Zoom yesterday talking to them. And she said all of them were in the NHS—all her friends in the NHS,” shared Morgan. “We forget about this extraordinary workforce that comes from all around the world to help the NHS.”


“An amazing number of Filipinos working our NHS and unsung heroes like so many, but just want to give them a shout out,” said Morgan, who went on to praise the outstanding care being provided by Filipino healthcare workers in these troubling times.

“It’s worth bearing in mind when we talk about immigrants in this country, these are the immigrants currently saving people's lives. Coming here and actually enriching our country and doing an amazing job."

"Thank you to all the Filipinos who are here doing all this amazing work, and to every other immigrant working the NHS currently. And hopefully at the end of this, we have a different sentiment about what immigration has done for this country.”

British prime minister Boris Johnson is currently in critical condition after testing positive for COVID-19. Johnson is in the ICU.

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