Putin's Wax Figure Removed After Getting Damaged By Museum Visitors 

People can’t get to Putin, so they’re going after the next best thing: his wax statue. 

Russia won’t withdraw from its Ukrainian invasion, but at least a Parisian museum is withdrawing its wax figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin and stashing him in the basement. The Grevin Museum in Paris made history when it decided to remove the wax statue of Putin. Despite every global conflict that the museum has survived, it’s never put away a statue of a controversial figure—until now. 

The museum came to its final decision after museum visitors kept defacing and damaging the wax figure, a symptom of France's collective anti-war stance.  

“Today, it is no longer possible to present a character like him [Putin]… For the first time in the museum’s history we are withdrawing a statue because of historical events currently underway,” said museum director Yves Delhommeau to the France Bleu radio station. 

Not only that, but it looks like the statue is giving the museum staff more grief than it’s worth. 


“Given what has happened, we and our staff do not want to have to fix his hair and appearance every day,” said Delhommeau. 

For now, the empty spot between the wax figures of U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will remain vacant. That is, until it’s replaced by another statue of a different world leader. The Grevin Museum’s suggestion? A wax figure of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

"He has become a hero for having resisted and for not fleeing his country. He could perfectly take his place his among the great men of history and today," said Delhommeau. 

We’re sure Putin would love that.

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