UK Says Russia’s Plan to Invade All of Ukraine is Failing

The Russians have failed to deliver on day one. 

It looks like Russia bit more than it could chew with its invasion of Ukraine, which it is dismally failing to conquer after days of intense bombardment of key cities in the country. 

Russia failed to achieve its objectives on the first day of the invasion, according to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. 

“It’s definitely our view that the Russians intend to invade the whole of Ukraine,” Wallace told Sky.

Russia has launched offensives on Ukraine by land, sea, and air. Reuters has described the attack on Ukraine as the largest invasion on a European country since World War II. 

Putin’s generals described the series of attacks successful, but Wallace disagrees. 

"Our assessment, as of this morning, is that Russia has not taken any of its major objectives," the defense secretary said.

"One of the significant airports they were trying to capture with their elite Spetsnaz [special forces] has failed to be taken and, in fact, the Ukrainians have taken it back,” said Wallace. 

The defense secretary also pointed out that Russia has failed to deliver its objectives on day one, a deadline that Putin had earlier remarked. 

According to Wallace, Russia has lost 450 personnel in the first 24 hours of its invasion of Ukraine.  

"The Russian army has failed to deliver on day one its main objective," said Wallace.

“I certainly think he has gone full tonto. No one else in their right mind would do what we are seeing on our telly screens today,” he added.

Russia has invaded Ukraine on the pretense of stopping the Ukrainian government of committing genocide against the people, a claim Western powers have slammed as “baseless.”

“Contrary to great Russian claims, and indeed President Putin’s sort of vision that somehow the Ukrainians would be liberated and would be flocking to his cause, he’s got that completely wrong, and the Russian army has failed to deliver, on day one, its main objective,” Wallace said.

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