Taal Volcano Just Spewed More Ash: Eruption Still Not Over

Taal Volcano is not yet finished with its business.

At 5:11 a.m. on Friday, Taal Volcano had spewed the most amount of ash since its initial eruption on January 12, PHIVOLCS said in a statement.

The new activity is proof that Taal is not yet finished with its business and currently poses 30 percent risk of more violent eruption.

“This is proof that there is still activity underneath the volcano, magma is still there and water from the lake seeps through and creates steam,” said PHIVOLCS head Renato Solidum in a radio interview today. “There is not enough force to cause an eruption, but the steam is increasing the pressure. If that steam is trapped inside the volcano, pressure builds. It might erupt.”

PHIVOLCS' Volcano Monitoring and Eruption Prediction Division head Mariton Bornas thinks that the pressure inside the volcano may have been partially released by the recent activity. 

"We noticed that the steam slightly subsided in recent days. It’s possible that the vents were just blocked,” said Bornas in an interview with ABS-CBN. “Now that the steam is more intense, the blockage might have been removed.”


Taal Volcano remains under alert level 4, which means an eruption could occur within hours or days.

Since yesterday, the volcano's main crater emitted plumes of steam as high as 500 meters in the air. The vent also released 224 tons of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere and surrounding area.

Towns and cities around Lake Taal have been on lockdown since January 12, resulting in some residents and a town vice mayor protesting their forced evacuation.

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