The New P1,000 Note Has Embarrassing Errors

IMAGE Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

There is an error in the flashy new P1,000-banknote featuring the Philippine eagle. 

Science writer and editor-in-chief of FlipScience Mikael Angelo Francisco took to social media to point out the mistakes in the new P1,000 featuring the national bird of the Philippines.

"Pithecophaga jefferyi po ang Philippine eagle. Hindi 'Pithecophega jefforyi."

Francisco further elaborated that the scientific name of the Philippine eagle should be italicized just like the rest of the animals featured in other denominations of the Philippine peso banknotes. 


"Italicized dapat lagi kapag binomial nomenclature o scientific name. Naitama naman nila ito sa likod ng bagong 1,000-peso bill (sa pagkakasulat ng Pinctada maxima) kaya nakapagtatakang namali ito sa harapan," said Francisco

("The binomial nomenclature or scientific name should always be italicized. This was done correctly on the obverse side of the banknote when they put Pinctada maxima, so it's puzzling how they could fail to do that on the face side of the banknote.")

'This is no small mistake.'

According to Francisco, this is no small mistake.  "Huwag po sana natin itong ipagwalang-bahala, dahil maliit man ang font nito ay hindi ito maliit na pagkakamali. Kung ang nais po natin ay maayos na maipakilala sa mga tao ang mga species na nanganganib, importanteng maayos din po ang pagkakasulat ng kanilang mga pangalan. Salamat po."

("Do not take this for granted. Although it was printed in small font, this is not a small mistake. If we want to educate people about critically endangered species, it is important that their proper names are used. Thank you.")

House Deputy Minority leader and Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Isagani Zarate also called the attention of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on “glaring errors” found in the newly-released P1,000 bill.

“First, the BSP should correct the scientific name of the Philippine eagle into Pithecophaga jefferyi because the one they wrote on the new P1000 bill was Pithecophaga jefforyi,” said Zarate.

“Second, the scientific name should also be italicized because it is in Latin and needs to be differentiated from the English language. This is one of the rules in the proper writing of scientific names.”

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In 2020, the BSP committed a similar mistake on a P1,000 banknote. President Rodrigo Duterte’s middle name was misspelled as “Boa” instead of “Roa.” Earlier in 2010, It produced P100 bills misspelling former President Gloria Arroyo's last name. as “Arrovo.”


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