Ukraine Airspace Is Abandoned as Russian Missiles Target the Country

Ukraine is now a no-fly zone. 

Bombs falling out of the sky. Citizens escaping to the countryside. Foreign soldiers landing in parachutes. No, this is not a scene from World War II, but the very reality Ukraine is facing as of today. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has reached a terrifying new level as Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the beginning of “military operations” in the Donbas region, which consists of Ukraine’s two pro-Russia breakaway states. However, missiles and the presence of military forces have been reported in other parts of Ukraine, some as far as Kyiv, which is on the opposite side of the country from Donbas.  

With the conflict in full effect, Ukrainian airspace has been abandoned by all but fighter jets and missiles. Almost all commercial flights have been grounded until further notice, and flights that would have otherwise flown over the region are now circling around Ukrainian airspace to avoid being caught in the crossfire. The closest operating airports and flights are as far away as Moldova to the south or Russia-backed Belarus to the west. 

Ukraine becomes a no-fly zone, as seen on flightradar24.

Photo by flightradar24.

Ukrainian cities across the country are now hearing air sirens at all hours of the day, warning of impending missile strikes and urging residents to evacuate or seek cover. 

As a result, the streets are clogged with cars and buses hurrying to escape the cities. 

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Ukraine is now under a state of martial law as the nation grapples with Russia’s attacks. 

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