Ukraine's Defense Ministry Just Quoted Jose Rizal

As Ukraine secures victories against the Russian invasion.

As Ukraine pushes back the Russian invasion and retakes its territories on the Donbas region, its Defense Ministry takes inspiration from Jose Rizal. 

In a Twitter post on October 5, 2022, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine quoted the Philippines’ national hero Jose Rizal:

“I don't see why I should bow my head when I could hold it high, or place it in the hands of my enemies when I can defeat them.”

The quote was posted with an infographic highlighting the  Ukrainian victories against Russia. 

According to the post, Ukraine has so far downed or captured at least 2,435 Russian tanks, 5,038 armored combat vehicles, 1,414 artillery,  341 multiple rocket launch systems,177 air defense systems, 266 military jets, 232 helicopters, 1,032 drones, 246 cruise missiles, 3,841 vehicles and fuel tanks, and 132 special equipment. 

The Philippines Reiterates Open Door Policy Toward Ukraine War Refugees

Back in April 2022, the Philippines reiterated its Open Door Policy and declared that the country is accepting refugees fleeing from the Ukraine War. In response, Ukrainian Ambassador to the Philippines Olexander Nechytaylo said Ukraine is grateful for Manila's decision to open its doors to Ukrainians. He also quoted Rizal in his statement. 


“Jose Rizal once said: ‘I don't see why I should bow my head when I could hold it high, or place it in the hands of my enemies when I can defeat them.’ At a closer look one may find some striking similarities between him and President Zelenskyy, particularly when it comes to the ability to inspire and lead the nation during the pivotal moments of its history," said Nechytaylo.

“Essentially, we share the same values, and this is one of the reasons why there are so many people-to-people connections. Today Ukraine is fighting for its freedom again,” he added. “The Philippines’ consistent support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is very important to us. We are equally grateful for the most recent decision to open the door to Ukrainians, who might temporarily need a safe place in the midst of this raging war: this is something we will never forget.”

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